What is FSBO System?
In 1995, Alaska attorney and real estate broker Kirk Wickersham created a complete, integrated home-selling technology called FSBO System. Since then we’ve helped thousands of clients sell their home on their own and save the entire 6% agent commission. Every year, through good markets and bad, our average client has outperformed the average local agent listing in terms of days on market and chance of success. In 2018 our average client made an extra $13,500 compared to paying a six percent agent commission. See our Client Statistics.
Can I really do this?!
Yes You Can! Good markets and bad, three out of four FSBO System clients succeed. You start by calculating your savings and deciding what you’re going to do with the money. Then the program posts your personal motivators on every page. And from there on, the program gives you each step, in sequence. You put your house in show condition, and create a customized marketing program that uses buyer feedback to make mid-course corrections. We visit your home, prepare a professional comparative market analysis, list your home on Alaska MLS and the other home listing Internet websites, give you a process to negotiate a deal with your buyer and walk you through the closing process. Some tasks take only a minute or two. It is fascinating, empowering, fun, simple and intuitive. You’ve got unlimited help from the licensed and trained FSBO System Counselors. FSBO System provides the expertise, the motivation, the personal coaching and the self discipline to achieve your goal. Yes You Can! succeed.
What about Internet advertising for my home?
FSBO System will list your home on Alaska MLS without offering anything to a buyer’s agent. From there it is picked up by other listing sites like Realtor.com, Zillow, and Trulia. This service is included in the low FSBO System fee! That’s all the Internet advertising you need.
What about legal compliance?
Kirk Wickersham, the founder of FSBO System and the man who created all the elements of the FSBO System program, and all our legal forms, is a graduate of Yale Law School with over 45 years experience practicing real estate law. He’s also a real estate broker with over 35 years’ experience, and a former Chair of the Alaska Real Estate Commission. Our legal forms are clear, written in plain English, and fair. In thousands of transactions since 1995, not one client has ever been even threatened with a lawsuit. That’s an enviable record.
Sellers have different goals. How do you handle that?
FSBO System is customized for you, your goal, your timetable and budget, and your unique property. Throughout all seven steps of the FSBO System, we provide specific strategies for each goal track and you will work one-on-one with a licensed real estate professional throughout the process.