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The FSBO process helps people to sell their homes successfully on their own, without paying a real estate agent. We provide you with the legal paperwork, online tutorials and knowledgeable counselors to double your chances of successfully selling your home and double your savings in the process.


For Sale by Owner serving Anchorage offers huge advantages sellers in Alaska. The seller is able to save thousands of dollars by selling his own house without paying a real estate agent a 6% commission fee. FSBO Alaska has helped homeowners save hundreds of thousands in real estate commissions over the years.


Some Quick Tips to Get Started

Before listing the house for sale you should take an objective look. Buyers want a house that looks good and is free of problems that need to be fixed. You have to fix any and all existing damages, so the buyer does not see anything wrong with the house. Making these necessary repairs, will dramatically improve the value of the house and will help in selling your house more quickly. It is not necessary to make major repairs like remodeling the kitchen as this would cost you much more money than you would recover by selling the house. The most important thing is to be wise and avoid pricing your house too low or too high. Let’s look at how to do a FSBO in more detail.

FSBO How to, Some Easy Alaska FSBO Steps:

-For a successful sale you need to price it right with the market value.

-You need to know all the legal forms that are necessary for the sale of the property, which can be found at

-You may want to consult with a professional just to be sure that he is looking out for the interests that you have. The counselors at are very helpful and knowledgeable.

-You should thoroughly clean your house before selling it because homebuyers are more attracted spacious, attractive and clean houses.

-Take lots of pictures to give a clear image of your house, bot interior and exterior shots.

-Make it easy for potential buyers to reach you by phone and email. You could miss out on a sale if you cannot be reached or if you do not immediately respond to emails.

-Be flexible while working with the buyer to come to an agreement on the closing date, final price, financing contingencies, title policy etc.

-To provide the title insurance or to set up escrow, you need to find a title company.

-Coordinate with a professional appraiser which helps to confirm outstanding lines and the value of your home to the buyer.

Overall, the for sale by owner serving Alaska system is based definitely on the success of the clients which are more than 3,000 satisfied ones to date.