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“I was impressed with FSBO System.
I was never left feeling unsure about what
we needed to do. Even though I know nothing about real estate, I was able to work through it. It just flowed.”

6 Days on market, saved $20,249

Save thousands on your home sale.
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There are four ways to sell your home.
We created two of them.

What You Get
Days on Market
Success Rate
2012 Average Savings
Typical Cost to You
Traditional Agent**
MLS plus typical agency
6% of your home's value
Discount Broker**
MLS Only
$295 plus 3% of home's value
FSBO System
All the help you need in an online program with full customer support and MLS listing
FSBO SystemPro*
You show your home and come to agreement with the buyer. We do everything else, inlcuding an MLS Listing

For full details, speak with a FSBO System counselor today!

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*FSBO System Pro is currently offered in Metro Denver and Metro Anchorage only.

**We do not offer these services.

Save Thousands of Dollars of Hard-Earned Equity in Your Home

You've poured time, money and hard work into your home. Why give six percent of the value to some agent? Whether you own a $100,000 condo or a $1,000,000 mansion, six percent of your home’s value is real money to you! Keep it in your pocket!

With FSBO System, you can sell your home and save the entire 6% agent commission. That’s usually tens of thousands of dollars. Use your savings for a dream vacation, college tuition, retirement—it's your money, and it’s tax-free.

FSBO System gives you the confidence and support to succeed! You can do this!

Mark Schlereth, former Pro Football player, has endorsed the FSBO System and is our spokesman.
Watch for his commercials!

The FSBO System provides everything you need to confidently sell your home yourself while saving the the entire 6% agent commission. We provide the marketing techniques, open house do's and don'ts, legal documents, insider tricks and tips, and the live one-on-one support for as long as it takes to sell your home.